The Commons Collaboration



Just a reminder that we now have a ‘Beansprout’ collection site at The Commons, 150 Beaumont St, Hamilton. You may pick up your box filled with super cheap, fresh, locally grown, organic produce at either the Mayfield or Hamilton site.
You can also order amazing tasting; Udder Farm milk, Tilligerry Organic Farm eggs, Bill’s Bakery organic bread, and locally brewed, good-for-your-gut Imbibe Water Kefir.

Tell your friends! (Especially the Hamilton South, Merewether, Broadmeadow and Adamstown based ones.) All goods are locally sourced and now available to pick up locally too. The Commons have a fantastic set up upstairs where they have bulk storage for all your dry goods, honey and environmental cleaning products and toilet paper.

There are just a few things to remember about ordering if you are wanting to collect from Hamilton.

One. You need to become a member of our community.

Beanstalk is an incorporated cooperative. It is member owned, guided and powered.  Each member pays $40.00 per year to cover hall hire and insurances etc, then pledges to contribute 4.5 hours per quarter to help with the running of our stalls. Typically this is two set up or pack down shifts at the Mayfield Hall but can also be letterbox flyer deliveries, graphic design, IT support, newsletter contributions.. Let us know your skills and we will try to put them to good use. You must visit the Mayfield site to become a member so we can sign you up to Volunteer Spot (an online rostering system) and have a chat about our philosophy, principles and safe working practices.

Two. Hamilton is a cashless collection point.

This means that you must order online one week in advance to make a collection the following Tuesday. Orders are open until midnight Tuesday for the next Tuesdays pick up. We don’t have a paypal online payment system but instead ask that you electronically transfer money into our account. You order fill up your cart online, get a receipt number, then use this number as a reference for a bank transfer.

Three. Nominate Hamilton as your collection point.

Now, this is important. If you are wanting to collect at Hamilton you must make a note saying so in your order details. The note section is found at the top and on the right of your order details form. If nothing is showing in the notes the collection site will default to Mayfield and your goodies will be waiting there for you instead.