You may know that Beanstalk has been looking for a stall coordinator and a volunteer coordinator. At this point in time, these roles have not been filled and so we must suspend taking new orders temporarily, immediately. 

Some of the management committee has made this decision with the consideration that we will need to make some organisational changes and this work will be impossible to achieve whilst also running the stall on a skeleton crew. We have agreed to a break in trading.

We will be open on the 28th of June as normal, but we won’t take new box orders. Please come along and purchase what you can to reduce our stock on hand.

We invite you to come on the 5th of July 5pm, and share a meal, and have the opportunity to discuss possible futures roles and contributions you personally would like to make to Beanstalk! 

We are sorry for this news and inconvenience of losing this service. 

Many thanks to everyone who turned up to our trivia fundraiser, especially the people who got dressed up and the legends who helped out (Kat, Kristina, Seema, Alison, Ruley, Tash & Su), it was an absolute cracker of a night. Big thanks to Lee for masterminding the operation and successfully raising around $3500! Our cooperative was trading at a loss earlier in the year and this money will cover the deficit with more to invest in future developments!

Thank you Curtis and Michelle for your epic services as stall coordinator and vollie coordinator, which extended far beyond the agreed roles and term! We are all truly grateful.