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Being a member means you are not only supporting local organic farmers and producers, but you are also contributing to a community of people who value local, fair and regenerative food production and distribution, with minimal packaging and food miles.

Membership fees

12 month membership: $50.00

6 month membership: $30.00

How Beanstalk operates

Our cooperative is built around our membership. We do not have an employer— we do not have a profit motive. We are members, each with a right of voice in decision making, and each with our own unique ways we can help Beanstalk thrive!

Our membership fees help us to cover the costs of running Beanstalk. All revenue from these fees goes directly to sustaining the cooperative. Any savings we can make allow us to support our local farmers when times are tough.

Membership benefits

Members always receive a 17% discount on our produce boxes, and 10% off all items we sell! For members who offer their active involvement in Beanstalk, we offer additional store credits. Anyone is welcome to trial our goods and make purchases without becoming a member, though they won’t get the same cost savings.

Beanstalk couldn’t operate without our volunteers!

For Beanstalk to be able to operate the skills and time of our members are essential.  We all enjoy the savings of shopping at a co-op because we are mainly run by our volunteers.  There’s lots of opportunity to get involved:

  • Set up or pack down the stall on a Tuesday
  • Farmer contact and ordering
  • Newsletter articles and recipes
  • Beancounter / cashier
  • Management Committee
  • Event organising and grant writing
  • Help out with our cook up events
  • Farm working bees/planting/harvesting

We don’t want cost to be a barrier for our community. If you’re not able to pay our membership fee, just get in contact with Michelle on 0424323506 to see how you can become a member.

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