Become a member

You need to be a member of the Beanstalk Co-op to purchase the wonderful range of local produce from Beanstalk. To become a member please visit the stall.

Beanstalk operates from the St Andrews Church Hall in Church St Mayfield, on Tuesday afternoon only, from 4.30pm – 7pm.

Being a member means you are not only supporting local organic farmers and producers, but you are also contributing to a community of people who value local, clean and fair food production and distribution, with minimal packaging and food miles. Not having a full time shop or office helps keep membership costs and food costs down, ensuring local organic produce is accessible for more people.


  • How to Join
  • Fees
  • How Beanstalk operates
  • Membership work requirement

How to Join

Membership enquiries and applications are best made at the stall on Tuesday afternoons. Approach the Stall Co-ordinator or Assistant Co-ordinator. Alternatively email


Annual membership fee – $50

How Beanstalk operates

Beanstalk is a cooperative run for and by members. That means it is not like a regular shop with paid staff and an owner taking the profits. With the exception of two paid part-time positions, ALL Beanstalk operations are conducted by members who contribute their time.

Membership work requirement

For Beanstalk to be able to operate, the skills and time of our members are essential.  As part of the membership requirement at Beanstalk all members contribute 4.5 hours work every 3 month quarter – there’s heaps of opportunity to get involved:

  • Set up or pack down the stall on a Tuesday
  • Farmer contact and ordering
  • Newsletter articles and recipes
  • Beancounter / cashier
  • Management Committee
  • Event organising and grant writing
  • Farm working bees/planting/harvesting

Members who contribute more than the required hours are rewarded with credit towards their Beanstalk purchases ($10 credit for every 3 hours volunteer work).

To get involved or find out more contact Michelle (our Assistant Stall Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator) at the stall on Tuesdays, via email .