Beanstalk is a member-owned and operated cooperative, offering fresh organic produce to its members each week. Most food is sourced from local famers and as much as possible is certified organic.

Along with seasonal fruit and vegetables members can also order organic milk, bread, eggs, honey and other value-added items, plus bulk dry goods such as flours, seeds and pulses, and frozen beef and chickens.


  • The Food
  • Objectives
  • Planting the Seed
  • Location
  • Values
  • Management Committee

The Food

The heart of Beanstalk operations is The Box, a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables that is available for order each week. The content of The Box varies each week to reflect seasonal variability and local supply. The Box is ordered and paid for in advance, either at the stall on Tuesday or via the website. Organic milk, bread, eggs and bulk dry goods are also ordered in advance.

At the Tuesday stall where the members collect their box additional fruits and vegetables are available for purchase, alongside honey, some dairy products, meat and chickens.  We also stock a huge range of Honest to Goodness products including flours, nuts, legumes, canned goods, dried fruit, spreads, superfoods and more.  Members can place orders for anything from the Honest to Goodness and enjoy the benefits of cheaper bulk prices.

Remember to bring boxes or bags to take all your lovely purchases home! Beanstalk aims to minimise packaging so we rely on members to BYO.

Planting the Seed

Beanstalk was established in 2004 by three friends who were concerned about the lack of access to healthy and safe food for the community. From its humble beginnings on a veranda, the organisation has flourished. More than 100 members now have access to affordable, seasonal, healthy and local produce. We support many local organic farmers each week.


We value our community, the Earth, sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity, respect, cooperation, sharing, integrity and participation.


Beanstalk aims to:

  • Develop direct links between the sustainable organic farming communities and the urban communities of the Hunter Valley
  • Offer farmers fair prices and support them through difficult periods
  • Build consumer awareness of sustainable agriculture and empower the community to consume ethically
  • Minimise resource consumption and packaging
  • Foster community skill sharing
  • Create a viable and sustainable community


Beanstalk operates from the St Andrews Church Hall in Church St Mayfield on Tuesday afternoon only, from 4.30pm – 7pm. Not having a full time shop or office helps keep membership costs and food costs down, ensuring local organic produce is accessible for more people.

Management Committee

The Beanstalk Management Committee meetings are held at the St Andrews Church Hall, monthly on a Tuesday. Meeting times and dates are published in the email newsletter and on our Facebook page. All members are welcome and encouraged to be part of this forum, where management issues, visions and ideas are discussed.