We are a not-for-profit co-operative sowing the seeds of nourisment,
fairness and connections in our community. We source ethically produced, eco-
logically sound food direct from local farmers and suppliers.

What is Beanstalk?

Beanstalk is a Newcastle based member-owned & operated cooperative, offering fresh organic produce to it’s members each week.  It strives to source local produce wherever possible, supporting several local farms.

Community Events

Beanstalk also loves getting the community together, sharing homemade food and hanging about a cosy fire. In this upcoming event on 22 June (5-7pm, @31A Church Street, Mayfield NSW. (St Andrew’s Anglican Church)), we’re raising money for those suffering from COVID in India (for more details on where the proceeds will be sent and the ins/outs of the evening, click HERE, FAQs in the ‘discussion’) Gratefully, we’re able to offer a free Indian dance class thanks to Nartana School of Dance,  as well as delicious vegetarian curries and of course, fire to warm our hearts. Aaaaand if you decide to become a Beanstalk member on the night, your first organic veggie box will be FREE.

UPDATE 20/6: Due to Covid-restrictions, we need to stop sales:


SOLD OUT – thank you!!

Usually we are ‘more the merrier’ type of people, but due to COVID-restrictions, we have limited capacity. If you’d like to still make a DONATION  ignore the ‘sold out’ title of the tickets and place your order. THANK YOU (Please note: you won’t be listed on the entrance to the event, your order will be considered a donation only.)